How did you get the name?

My Drink On is inspired by all of you, a casual phrase, suggesting its time to have a great night! I want to get My Drink On and our philosophy to Make Every Ounce Count! We take pride you chose us for that special holiday or weekend out and we want it to be the best time possible! Always feel free to email us with things you liked and we should keep or how we can improve!

When will you come to my city?

Sooner the better right? If you want My Drink On in your city, feel free to email us, info@mydrinkon.com.

Who and What is My Drink On?

My Drink On is a group of people that saw the value in providing social activities in Chicago (and now 8 cities around the country), not only at a fair price but also a time to be out with friends, peers and colleagues.

We believe our members do not buy what we do, but why we do it! We are here to show some great times out in your city!

Events and charity fundraisers are a great way to get out with friends in your great city, strike a conversation and meet some new friendly faces!

We are an online marketplace for events and charity fundraisers in your area! From concept to running the event, we are there every step of the way! We also have some fun events from our partners that we make available on our site!

Where is My Drink On headquartered?

My Drink On is headquartered in Chicago, IL.  We look forward to expanding to other markets nationwide in the near future.

Still have questions, feel free to call us directly at 312.600.9035 or email us info@mydrinkon.com.

Make Every Ounce Count

Is My Drink On secure?

Extremely. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information be stored on our servers. We partner with Eventbrite the industry leader in ticket taking! They can also answer questions at support@eventbrite.com!

Want to become an affiliate or partner?

My Drink On has several ways to work with your business, do you run a media company, promote a beer, wine or spirit or do promotions, contact us we can work together. info@mydrinkon.com

If you are a website or deal aggregate that wishes to be affiliated with MyDrinkOn.com click info@mydrinkon.com