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About My Drink On

My Drink On (MDO) is an online marketplace for events and charity fundraisers in your area! We incorporate socializing, networking and philanthropy into a single experience. What does this mean!? We have great events throughout the year as well as partner with many venues to offer their events on 1 site! We mainly focus on the production of our events and charity fundraisers and have been able to expand to 10 cities! Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville and St Louis! We love that we have been welcomed by these cities and on many of our events partner with a local charity to give back! Reach out if there is an opportunity to expand to your city! info@mydrinkon.com.

Our mission is to promote a safe consumption of alcohol while socializing, interacting and being active throughout our city. We want to bridge the gap between the online purchasing of tickets and the offline interactions between our attendees; all the while Make Every Ounce Count!

We produce a variety of events from Bar/Trolley Crawls, Tastings, Yacht Parties and Holiday Events!

We can also assist with private parties, just shoot us an email and let us know the details!

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Make Every Ounce Count!